NORDEN - the nordic arts festival

Timo Peters


A true adventure story set between Europe, Africa and South America in the vastness of the ocean: a journey to Brazil in a sailboat. Hitchhiking.

Timo Peters has no boat, virtually no sailing experience and hardly any money - just the crazy idea of crossing the Atlantic. In Gibraltar he finally gets lucky: a sailing opportunity to the Canary Islands! There he finds the next boat, and after a stop in Cape Verde and countless dramatic, wonderful and unforgettable experiences, he reaches South America.
Along the way, he immerses himself in the quirky community of circumnavigators. He drinks champagne with millionaires and listens to the stories of proud captains. But between the tiny islands in the middle of nowhere, there are also plenty of dreamers, hippies and reckless people. They all have one thing in common: they want to break out of their everyday lives and set out in search of the ultimate freedom.
Timo Peters