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NORDEN - the nordic arts festival


The 25-year-old writes songs that are rarely heard with such nonchalance at the beginning of a career: His music transports the listener to a road movie on the American West Coast, tasting of melancholy wanderlust and euphoric youth.

It all starts on the tour bus at Ilgen-Nur. On their Power Nap Tour, M. Byrd plays bass in 2019. And to her and the rest of the band the somewhere between Amsterdam and Paris his song sketches over the car radio. The reaction to these sketches is the push it sometimes takes to get things rolling. Unanimous opinion: He has to make something out of this music, out of his voice. And he has.

Mountain is the name of his first single, the first in a series of songs he wrote while traveling through Europe in recent years. Iceland, France, Denmark: wafting reverb plumes, drummer André Albrecht's casually stoic drumming and Doreen Albrecht's soaring choruses provide the space in which Byrd's voice can move longingly, familiarly and warmly. 

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