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Body Politics

Women should conform to the ideal of beauty, but not be too individual. Those who do not conform to the ideal should at least love themselves. The pressure on women is higher than ever, and as has been the case for centuries, the male gaze determines which women's bodies are attractive. Have we forgotten to accept our bodies and be grateful for what they do every day?

Even as a young child, Melodie Michelberger was unhappy with her body. For decades, she overdid it with dieting and self-loathing and suffered from anorexia. Today she says: My body is fat, round, soft and strong. It's time to knock the traditional, disease-inducing ideal of beauty off its throne and establish a diverse image of beauty and acceptance of different body shapes. The body is political, Michelberger said. Too many people are still discriminated against because of their bodies.

Melodie Michelberger talks about Body Politics (Rowohlt Verlag), activism and the role of social media.

Melodie Michelberger, born in 1976, has worked for many years as an editor for Gala and Brigitte and as a PR expert for various fashion labels. In January 2021, her book Body Politics was published. She occasionally writes for magazines such as DZeit or Vogue. She is active in many ways against injustice and for diversity, including on her Instagram channel with more than 50,000 subscribers (@melodie_michelberger). She lives with her son in Hamburg.
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