NORDEN - the nordic arts festival


The 2nd King Kong season began 10 years ago and the exciting end is far from in sight despite an undeveloped view

The great indie theme was reinterpreted and moved to a modern stage setting that allows all the freedom to play a set like a river into the wide sea. Inevitably, this resulted in the fusion of indie and pop without diluting.
In 20 German cities, this piece of urban night activity is performed regularly, always with one finger on the play button and the other on the freak-out reflex. This feeling of "that with us is no longer normal" transports itself buoyantly through small scene clubs as well as across the stages of cloudless festivals.
Inspired by the moving life between boxes, balloons and feelings, the great dance makers stand here next to the still unknown artists, who are accompanied almost shyly but determinedly into the spotlight, uninhibited, never lecturing. This creates a unique listening and dancing experience for the German club scene.