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Manni sucht das Weite

Manuel has Down syndrome. He meets Julius, an educator, at an integrative sports club. The two men from Kiel are in their late 20s when they set off on the greatest adventure of their lives: on April 1, 2018, they fly out from Hamburg to spend eight weeks backpacking through Australia.

They travel through the outback, to Melbourne and the Gold Coast, and above all to themselves.

Manuel turns out to be a party animal and a karaoke ramp sow. Along the way, Julius learns to take responsibility for more than just himself. In the "Pommes-Krise" Manuel terminates Julius' friendship - and the premature termination of the trip seems inevitable. But it turns out differently: they continue their journey and the adventure on the island continent will change both of them permanently.

In addition to a five-part ARTE documentary, Julius Werner has also written a book about the extraordinary journey: Manni sucht das Weite. Julius Werner and Manuel Zube present their book and show photos.