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Was wir verschweigen

Pori, Finland. On a stormy autumn day, a drunken man is murdered with several knife wounds in a wooden house. A typical Finnish murder - so the laconic comment of the commissioners called in. At first, the case seems to be solved quickly: In the nearby forest, a suspicious man is arrested the same evening. But for investigator Jari Paloviita, the murder turns out to be the most difficult case of his life. The suspect was his very best friend in his youth. And Jari Paloviita owes him his life ...

Arttu Tuominen presents his gripping crime novel Was wir verschweigen (Lübbe), which was named "Best Crime Novel of Finland 2020," in conversation with translator Anke Michler-Janhunen, who also reads the German text.

Arttu Tuominen, born in 1981, has won many awards in Finland for his crime novel Was wir verschweigen. Critics and readers alike in Finland are enthusiastic about this first volume in a new crime series. Tuominen lives with his family in the coastal town of Pori, in central Finland, the setting for this crime novel. In addition to writing crime novels, the author also works as an environmental engineer.