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Das Vermächtnis des Wunderlands

When the siblings Olivia, Bruno and Guido and their friend Pi find their grandfather's old and long-lost model train again, suddenly very strange things start happening in Knuffigen - just before the world's most important fair of spectacular trains. The four quickly realize that there must be a connection. What role does Biernatzki, who is not at all enthusiastic about the fair, play? Before they can get to the bottom of the matter, their magic model train is stolen! And so begins the most exciting adventure of their lives: the hunt for the lost wonder train.

Gereon Klug reads from the first volume of the series Das Vermächtnis des Wunderlands (Carlsen Verlag), a thrillingly funny and fast-paced roller coaster ride right into the fantastic world of Miniatur Wunderland. And maybe there will be time to take a look at Volume 2: The Hunt for the Magic Element.

Gereon Klug is an author, songwriter, podcaster, musical inventor and record store founder. He wrote for "Die Zeit", the "titanic", among others, and also various children's books for a refugee organization. In 2018, his musical Der König der Möwen ran in Hamburg. He also invented the first cookable cookbook and, together with Rocko Schamoni, a podcast Auf der Bahn.