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Der geniale Herr Kreideweiß

Stefanie Taschinski presents her super new children's book Der geniale Herr Kreideweiß (Arena Verlag). Ages 7 and up.

When Mr. Kreideweiß comes flying to school on his racing bike, Matilda and Emil know something is wrong with their class teacher! In class, books whiz through the air, and the class stuffed sheep Rüdiger suddenly winks at them. The smart-aleck sheep reveals: Mr. Kreideweiß inherited magic from his great-uncle, but Rüdiger doesn't want to have anything to do with such a clueless apprentice! When the baton suddenly flies through the air like a torpedo at the sports festival, Emil is taken out of school by his parents. To save Emil, Matti and her friends have to make sure that Mr. Kreideweiß finally gets his magical inheritance, with Rüdiger's help ...

Stefanie Taschinski was born in Hamburg in 1969. She studied history and sociology and subsequently screenwriting at the Film School Hamburg-Berlin. After several years as a successful screenwriter for public television, she switched to children's literature. Her debut children's book "Die kleine Dame" was a great success. The author writes children's books that have won awards and been translated into several languages. She is a co-founder of the "Elbautoren", a committed networker, a writing coach for the Literaturhaus Hamburg, among others, and a lecturer. She lives in Hamburg with her family, dog and bees.
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