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Absolutely ausgesperrt. Wie ich 700 Kilometer durch England reiste und immer draußen blieb

Stephan Orth, who thrilled the packed Culture Tent at the NORDEN Festival three years ago with a travelogue about China, is now a guest with his very latest book: Absolutely ausgesperrt. Wie ich 700 Kilometer durch England reiste und immer draußen blieb (MALIK).

From London to Newcastle, without entering an interior or an enclosed vehicle - this is how Hamburg bestselling author Stephan Orth defies the pandemic in England. He hikes, cycles and paddles, camps in front gardens, forests and city parks. In Manchester he cheers at a soccer match, in Oxford he experiences the peculiarities of British drinking culture, and on the Rochdale Canal he discovers the most beautiful toilet in the world. He describes how he comes to terms with Brexit fans and belligerent cats, how he gets into conversation with homeless people, life artists and environmental activists.

His original account of how to travel safely in Corona times, richly peppered with the finest observations and flanked by many photographs, addresses highly topical issues - and becomes a plea for a new way of traveling.

Stephan Orth, born in 1979, studied English, economics, psychology and journalism. From 2008 to 2016, he worked as an editor in the travel section of SPIEGEL ONLINE before becoming an independent author. Orth has been awarded the Columbus Prize several times for his reportages. He is the author of the No. 1 bestseller Sorry, we missed the runway. Malik published his books Opas Eisberg and the SPIEGEL bestsellers Couchsurfing in Iran, Couchsurfing in Russland (awarded the ITB BuchAward) and Couchsurfing in China.
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