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Microadventures are a great way to integrate outdoor adventures into everyday life without having to travel far, buy expensive equipment, or spend weeks researching information about the country and its people. Behind the idea of microadventures is the question: Why not start today? The term was coined by British adventurer Alastair Humphreys, who describes microadventures as "short, simple, local, inexpensive, yet exciting, fun, challenging, refreshing, and enriching." Sounds great, and sustainable to boot!

Christo Foerster has made the Mikroabenteuer (HarperCollins) known in this country, and he gives lectures and workshops on it. Christo Foerster tells us how such a microadventure can take shape and why it is decidedly better suited to the times than a cruise, and gives plenty of tips that can be put into practice tomorrow.

Christo Foerster is a speaker, coach, entrepreneur, podcaster and book author. He was head of sports at "Fit for Fun" magazine and editor-in-chief of "Men's Fitness". He is also a sought-after expert on all aspects of personal motivation and lifestyle (for Spiegel Online, GQ, Men's Health, Brigitte, Emotion, among others). Foerster lives in Hamburg.