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Pure Fruit

Comic Reading

Pure Fruit is a free comic and illustration magazine from Kiel, Germany, dedicated to experimentation in the field of graphic narratives. It is usually published twice a year and distributed throughout the German-speaking world. It can be found in comic stores, bookstores, museums, cafés, bars, cinemas, universities, at events and sometimes even where you least expect it. It is financed either by (self-drawn) advertisements that are integrated into the magazine, or by cooperation partners. This results in themed issues that convey the content from new angles: poetic, funny, thoughtful, simplified, exaggerated, informative and in any case narrative in a combination of words and pictures.

Pure Fruit is also the name of the cartoonist collective behind the magazine: Gregor Hinz, Volker Sponholz and Tim Eckhorst. Gregor Hinz and Tim Eckhorst will be reading and, of course, have many free comics in their luggage.
Pure Fruit
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