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NORDEN - the nordic arts festival


Annie Chops does not do things by halves

When ANNIE CHOPS enters the stage with her cherry-red Flying-V guitar, it only takes a few moments for her to win over the entire audience. She doesn't need much more than her radiant personality, her extraordinary talent and her unique songs to do so. The love for music drives the singer, guitarist and songwriter to always reach new levels and put her artistic vision into action without compromise.

As a hard-working self-made woman in the male-dominated pop business, the Berlin native doesn't use her instrument as a fashion accessory for self-dramatizations in social media, but rather gains a steadily growing fan base and recognition through her talent. In her music, Annie blends elements of R'n'B, soul, hip-hop and pop into an excitingly modern playing field of fat beats, surprising twists and big pop melodies, garnished with a soulful voice whose raw charm gets right under your skin - Annie celebrates her self-determination with every note played and every word sung.
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