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Celebrate beauty

BUBE - a quartet of four beautiful guys. The band makes, according to their own words, "young pop with bite. Music that you turn on when you go home after the party for two. In short, music you sweat to." Bube started as a solo project by frontman Julian Rathke ("Jay Q"). He and his brother and guitarist Mathis Rathke ("Mat Q") met their Soul Brothers Johannes "Joe" Niklas (drums) and Tjark "TJ" Schönball (bass) at the Music College in Leipzig. With that, the band line-up was complete in 2020.
At the beginning of 2020 their mix of rock'n'roll attitude and pop art manifested itself in a tour through the WG parties and regular pubs of this country. Influences from Queen, Led Zeppelin and the Beatles are confronted with modern sounds and wacky German lyrics.

Bube makes the music that is heard by the Instagram generation because it is cool. And by the baby boomers, because it's really good. Bube is perky, funny and brazen. Jack is the way and the goal.
Always on the lookout for the perfect groove, the tightest bass line or the most beautiful melody, the four guys have set themselves just one goal: to finally make good music in German and bring it to the lady.
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