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The song of the little wolves

TINY WOLVES - that's 60 voices, one guitar, a bunch of good songs: So far, so good. But these voices belong to 60 children aged 8 to 12, and the guitar is played by Kristof Beuthner, fanzine editor, ex-Intro columnist and primary school teacher at the Hinrich Wolff School in Bergen, Lower Saxony. The idea: Unforgotten songs, true lyrics, presented in the dynamic that friends develop when they come together at the right moment in the right place.

The set: Wir sind Helden, Marteria, Deichkind, Thees Uhlmann, AnnenMayKantereit, but also Coldplay, Oasis, Tom Petty, even Toto's "Africa", and although a large part of the children don't actually speak any English, these little people tell of hope, love and the big wide world in this language, as if they had never done anything else.

Tiny Wolves work in a band-democratic way: Kristof brings the ideas, but only the children raise (or lower) the thumbs; either it fits or it just doesn't. A lot has happened since Tiny Wolves celebrated their acclaimed festival premiere at the 2019 Orange Blossom Special: Hamburg kitchen sessions, a showcase gig at favorite record store Michelle Records and joint concerts with the Hamburg Pub Choir at Knust. Live, the project is now supported by Tammo Potthast (percussion), which gives the whole thing even more drive and even more intensity.
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