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NORDEN - the nordic arts festival


Multiinstrumentalist and singer-songwriter

RYAN EDMOND is a multiinstrumentalist and singer-songwriter. Edmond has traveled half the world with his music - from Australian coastal cities to lonely beaches in Indonesia to vibrant cities in Europe. The years "on the road" have undoubtedly influenced his music, which can be heard especially clearly in the song "Stockholm," an ode to his new home in Sweden.
Since the release of his debut single "From the Start", Ryan Edmond has received a lot of acclaim from Triple j, Triple j Unearthed, Clash Magazine, Pilerats, Music Feeds, Forte Mag and AAA Backstage. By layering and mixing styles and expressions from pop, folk and reggae, Ryan Edmond gives his music a depth that keeps him moving forward as a promising name and an artist who does things differently than others.

His latest single, "Cold Ways," comes from a collaboration with his good friends in the band "Salt Tree. Although he wrote it three years ago, he followed his feeling and waited for the right time to release it. With his sensitive and universal-seeming lines of lyrics, in which he explores themes of human scope, he should reach listeners of different age groups.
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