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NORDEN - the nordic arts festival


Fettnäpfchenführer Dänemark

Denmark - that's just across the border. There won't be any big differences, thinks Jan on his way to the land of røde pølser and the Little Mermaid. Before a long business trip, he wants to take a vacation with his girlfriend Katie, get to know the little kingdom in the north during their joint trip, and get his love life crackling again with a little hygge. But what does that actually mean?
Jan quickly discovers that he doesn't know very much about the finer points of Danish etiquette. At best, the queen is only formally addressed, parking tickets can be unexpectedly expensive, "tak," meaning "thank you," can be said in several ways, and sometimes it even means "please. During their stay, Jan and Katie regularly stumble into spinach, as it is called in Danish, only to find out in the end: True hygge exists independent of candlelight and open fires - and in the heart.
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