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Barfuß über den Nil

For the adventurers Timm Kruse (51) and Torsten "Turtle" Schulze (49), stand-up paddling is the ideal form of travel: without a motor and independent of the wind, waters can be explored in a whole new way. Now, after the Danube and the Rhine, the two of them finally want to travel a "dangerous" river. Because they both feel that they can no longer put off such an adventure in their early 50s. It's now or never! Perhaps also a way against the midlife crisis? (Both want to take a survival course with tips for dealing with wild and poisonous animals beforehand - and watch "Crocodile Dundee" a lot). Then they will paddle upright through the Nile. They want to cover more than 1,200 km on the longest river in the world, from the Aswan Dam to the legendary Nile Delta and the mouth near Cairo.

A "barefoot cruise" of the special kind. Where otherwise luxury liners bring the mass tourists to the pyramids and the Sphinx, the travel heroes want to explore the wild and hidden side of the river and the landscape. Everything the two travel heroes need is packed onto the SUPs: Camping mat, gas stove, tent - and always enough spaghetti and granola bars in case no fish bites along the way or the next village can't be reached on schedule. Timm and Turtle are particularly looking forward to the unpredictable: new encounters with the whims of the river, with strange people and animals await them around every bend. Will the journey ultimately push them to their limits?
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