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NORDEN - the nordic arts festival


The impossible concert

Already at the first moment, something is not right here. Tailcoat and bow tie may fit, and the first notes even more so. But there is a certain madness in this pianist's look right from the start, and it quickly becomes clear that the gentlemen want far more than to perform classical music and popular opera arias.
More and more, humorous highlights grow out of slight confusions and inconsistencies: the tumbling piano, a dancing music stand and the actually impossible duet with Caruso are among them. Combined with intense playing and virtuoso madness, Stenzel and Kivits act sometimes anarchistic and always racy. No classical theme is safe from their improvisations and persiflage. Stenzel & Kivits take the world of opera for a ride and create amazement with extraordinary musical instruments.
In the end, a grand piano is actually given wings and becomes the proverbial flying Dutchman - all while two comedians maintain the highest musicality to perform an impossible concert. Only Stenzel & Kivits can do that. An evening for undogmatic music lovers.
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