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NORDEN - the nordic arts festival


Soul spectacle from the Netherlands

For MICHELLE DAVID and her musical companions Onno Smit, Paul Willemsen and Bas Bouma, the last two years have been highly exciting. First, they had crisscrossed the globe. There were sold-out shows in clubs, theaters and festivals. The US-Dutch quartet combines gospel with soul, blues, jazz and Afrobeat, turning every show into a soul spectacle.

With their new album "Truth & Soul" from April 2022, MICHELLE DAVID & THE TRUE TONES have once again expanded their musical horizons. Dreamy indie soul with a heavy 70s vibe mixed with Brazilian flavors and African rhythms - that's the new recipe. The third album was about hope, strength and empowerment. But at the same time, there was a personal fate, as Michelle was diagnosed with breast cancer. Thanks to support and backing from those around her and her own strong will, she managed to heal.

So the theme of Volume 4 was clear: Victory! The lyrics celebrate life and are full of positive confessions. MICHELLE DAVID & THE TRUE TONES want to bring people the true message of music, which is love, unity and cohesion! True words, especially in these times. "Positive feelings and the freedom to let go are the basis of all our songs," says the singer. "The path of our band has changed my life, it's just exciting."
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