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Pohlmann comes with new songs

POHLMANN's big hit was "Wenn jetzt Sommer wär" in 2006. It all started 17 years ago. Today, the Hamburg native is an integral part of the German-language music scene. Instead of constantly chasing the next radio hit, POHLMANN offers consistency, profound lyrics and charming compositions on the guitar. And a stage presence that is still unparalleled today. Despite all the profundity, he remains is the frontman who conveys a really good attitude towards life with wit in his live shows. "Between homesickness and wanderlust, a song still fits," the Hamburger Abendblatt once headlined about POHLMANN after a concert at the Fabrik.

After his sixth studio album "falschgoldrichtig" in 2020, there is now a new EP called "Columbus" with the current single release "Lebensgefühl". POHLMANN presented its authentic and honest songs in the context of the 20 cities comprehensive "falschgoldrichtig" tour in January and February as well as in the summer 2023 then also finally again live on some festival and single shows - and then evenly also on the NORDEN 2023.

Ingo POHLMANN was born in 1972 in Rheda-Wiedenbrück. He first attended secondary school, completed an apprenticeship as a bricklayer and did his civilian service in Münster. He then completed his vocational baccalaureate in Münster and later moved to Hamburg.
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