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Love story set to music

It's 2020, Europe's kerbs are tilting up, there's a curfew in Hamburg: Luis Schwamm travels from Cologne and occupies Linus Kleinlosen's sofa bed for a few weekends. This is the birth of Noth, a band in search of the outer limits of German-language indie pop.

It sounds like a British post-punk band playing a singer-songwriter album. Empathic storytelling like Andy Shauf, musical and linguistic wit like Höchsten Eisenbahn and energetic outbursts like Black Country, New Road characterise the band's sound. Noth's musical escapades leave coffee and red wine stains on the sofa bed and "No Future" patches on Frank Sinatra's gala jacket.

For their current record (release date September 2023 on Backseat), Noth have collected "songs of disappearance"; tilting images from protest song and hymn, from punk and Zen. For everywhere something disappears that is worth watching disappear: The former regular pub has to make way for the hip cocktail bar, the finished trainee teacher flees from his own farewell party, and the indie band falls victim to gentrification.
An album for the whole family.

In 2023, Noth make the step from the sofa bed via the studio onto the medium-sized stages of Germany and provide varied entertainment: the dazzling arrangements and fluffy execution are repeatedly interrupted by narrative spoken-word passages and free-jazz-like losses of control. In spring, one could experience Noth live in a small line-up. For the release of their album "Lieder vom Verschwinden" (Songs of Disappearance), the band will play their first tour with a large line-up starting in September.

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