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NORDEN - the nordic arts festival


Love story set to music

NOTH has two heads: Linus Kleinlosen and Luis Schwamm. No sooner have the two musicians met in 2020 than they get to know Arndt and begin simultaneously setting his story to music.

In "The Truth About Arndt" we meet the protagonist at the zoo and have to say goodbye to him in a forest bath. In between, we accompany the 38-year-old start-up employee from Hanover into interpersonal situations over red wine and cheese or among colleagues. We learn that the job is starting to gnaw at him and that Arndt is venturing at least as far as legal gray areas in the financial administration, hoping to one day use the savings to collect his former Erasmus love Anita in Frankfurt and continue their lottery life together in Andalusia.

With moral support from Randy Newman, Andy Shauf and Nick Drake, Linus and Luis approach a form that can accommodate their daydreams of Arndt and begin recording. Silvan Strauß and Daniël Eskens contribute the excitingly unexcited rhythm base, Konstantin Herleinsberger and his tenor saxophone become an essential part of the playful wind arrangements, Laila Nysten and Rabea Bollmann enter pointedly with bowed strings. Raúl Semmler gives Arndt his voice wherever he has his say, and Robin Damm supports him by singing.
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