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Laugh and cry with Miss Allie

MISS ALLIE, whose real name is Elisa Hantsch, oscillates with her music between chanson, songwriting, comedy and cabaret. She has won various awards, most of them in the comedy category. But she is actually a singer who always makes her audience laugh with her songs. You can already guess that from the title of her album "Mein Herz und die Toilette". Miss Allie comes from Mecklenburg and studied cultural studies at the University of Lüneburg.

She is a songwriter of a new generation. Laughing heartily, crying with emotion, breaking open taboo topics: It all happens at a Miss Allie concert. She brings an acoustic guitar, a big heart and waves of emotion that come either gently or with full force. It's the special, intense moments in the everyday ups and downs of life that take center stage with Miss Allie. On her new album "Immer wieder fallen" she embarks on a sound journey, dares to take new musical steps and remains true to herself in terms of content.

It all started on the road. Today she plays sold-out solo concerts throughout the German-speaking world. She appears regularly on TV and radio and was already allowed to host her own TV show in 2021. The concert halls are getting bigger. In 2023 Miss Allie goes on tour in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with her new album.
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