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A mix of cultures

AYSAY is a Danish trio from Aarhus that perfectly reflects the diversity and mix of cultures that permeate Danish society today. The band sings in Danish, Turkish and Kurdish and their sound is folk and pop-rock with psychedelic touches.

At the center is vocalist Luna Ersahin, who herself comes from two cultures. She has a Danish mother and a Kurdish father. Her expressive voice is joined by the saz and darbuka, two traditional instruments found in Turkey and Kurdistan. Electronic instruments, percussion, drums and guitar add a contemporary dimension to AySay's compositions, which are powerful and dynamic, and at the same time full of longing and hope. Vulnerable and powerful, but often charming and uplifting, AySay creates a soulful sanctuary. At the same time, it is also a bit of uplifting protest in a world that too often insists on narrow-minded pigeonholing definitions and limiting assumptions about origins and identity. The band is currently working on a new album and their first tour of Germany is scheduled for this year 2023. AySay has already played at the Roskilde Festival and has been a guest at the Festival Les Escales in Saint Nazaire/France and the Sinsal Festival in Galicia/Spain.
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