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NORDEN - the nordic arts festival


Danceable electro pop

WEZN are Maischa Perdelwitz and Paul Richter - two beings who met in Bremen between raves and rehearsal room sessions and discovered there their common passion for electronic music. Two years later the first songs were written and shortly after that the first concerts followed. Since then, the two have been breaking new ground and finding their very own sound in the world between pop and electronic music.

By weaving synthesizer with acoustic drums and emotional earworm melodies, they take their audience into mystical sound worlds between minimalism and extremes and find their place between idols like London Grammar, Aurora or Moderat.

In November 2019, the self-produced single "My Body" was released with an encouraging Message on the topic of "Female Body Shaming". It was followed by the song "White Roses", with which the duo dared to push the band sound one step more in the electronic, danceable direction. After these releases, Maischa and Paul started working intensively on their own sound in collaboration with producer Helge Preuß (Lewis Capaldi, Verboten Berlin, Joris). In January 2021 the first result of this work appeared with the song "Mountain Side". Over the year, the duo released five more songs from their EP "Gonna Be Fine", which was released in December 2021.
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