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Jazz, Techno and HipHop fat whisked

SKILBECK are four young guys from Hamburg, who obviously have fun with their music and like to share this fun with their audience. With Skilbeck, this is what happens: Jazz meets techno meets hip hop. Bombastic basses, cool sax solos and rolling rhythms make people dance and marvel. At least that's how the four themselves describe their mugge. SKILBECK pairs jazz, rock and techno with the finest punchlines from the genre "potato rap", which is probably a creative continuation of the Krautrock of the 70s.

The three saxy saxists from Hamburg have been making music together for many years until they finally realized what really connects them: spontaneous, noncommittal and unprotected sax! Whether techno, drum and bass or jazz, whether danceable, melancholic or full on the twelve: This roller coaster of emotions leaves nothing to burn, takes no prisoners and certainly leaves no dry eye. It's clear: SKILBECK always just wants sax, sax, sax!

Without a harmony instrument, but with a double bass clarinet, the four Hamburgers
four Hamburgers come along digitally and feel at the same time completely analog in the stomach area. German lyrics without a son of a bitch and fat sounds,
that sound like more.
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