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Jonas Nay and the poodle lady

PUDELDAME is an ElectroPop band from Lübeck, Germany, formed in 2016. The band is signed to Bauturm Records since 2019, before that they released under their own name. The band members Jonas Nay, David Grabowski and Jon Ander Klein got to know each other in their school days, where they were involved in a big band and other musical projects together. They attended Johannes zu Lübeck, a high school with a music branch. Wait a minute: Jonas Nay? That's right, the actor who became known to a wider audience for his role in the spy series "Deutschland 1983" sings and raps with the Poodle Lady.

Movement is the central concept of this band. When you ask Jonas Nay (vocals, keyboards), David Grabowski (guitar, vocals), Nico Bauckholt (bass) and Jon Ander Klein (drums, vocals) what distinguishes the sound of Pudeldame, heads nod, bodies groove, answers become a move: "With our music, something has to happen to my muscles," Jonas Nay explains, "there has to be a physical reaction." No one should listen to Pudeldame's music sitting still.

The actor often writes the lyrics together with Hamburg colleague David Schütter. As a man of words, the lyrics are immensely important to Nay; there are no embarrassing rhymes or kitsch phrases. "The lyrics are not satire, because I don't look down on anything," Jonas Nay defines.
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