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NORDEN - the nordic arts festival



Live with Gunnar Green on cinema screen through the national parks of Poland, with elk, bison and wolves.
Gunnar Green is a world traveler and photographer with a passion. At the age of 50, he finds the love of his life and starts a small family. First he converts a former pig trailer into a "luxurious" outdoor camper. This is followed by the purchase of a 20 year old jeep. This is made roadworthy and a maiden voyage 5000 km around Poland is undertaken.
The family explores the Oberlandkanal, Gdansk, Marienburg until they meet German history at the Wolfsschanze. They immerse themselves in the Polish natural paradise of Masuria and find peace amid thousands of lakes and deep green forests. Over gravel roads, they head deep into the Biebranski National Park of Poland's "Amazonas" in the east of the country.
The Green family experiences rural village life and how the local people cope with bears, bison and wolf packs. Overnight stays are in a roof tent on the camper, on farms, in nature and wilderness camps and often self-sufficient on campsites in the middle of the national parks.
The route continues to southeastern Poland, to the Bieszczady National Park, which covers almost 30,000 hectares. Here in the forest Carpathians, the experience of nature becomes even more pristine.
The travel experiences convey a lot about our neighboring country and the people in wolf regions - presented with spectacular aerial views of nature and great entertainment factor.
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