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NORDEN - the nordic arts festival


Riot pop with skateboard

GET JEALOUS are a lively trio with funny names: "Wannabe skater Marike (she/her), drummer Marek (he/him) and frontbitch Otto (they/them) are inspirational in their concise and energetic sound in the balancing act between the musical youth years of the Regrettes and all Disney theme songs." That's how they see themselves. And whether you now call their music pop or point, whether you find it intimidating, inviting, refreshing or way too serious: Get Jealous have still captivated most people in front of the stage so far. Even those who always thought punk was dumb.

The short, loud dot tunes regularly lead into catchy pop melodies. In an interview they once called their music Riot Pop. Otto's lyrics revolve around a broken society and are the impetus for an inner-monologue discourse. Whimsical poetic rabble-rousing romance spreads over a finesse garnished framework of pounding drums, booming bass and shouts.

With their fusion of skate-punk and pop, Get Jealous are the honest gentleman's fare, served on a pink-melted glitter tray - and now at NORDEN!
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