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Slight delusions of grandeur

NORTH WEST is a band from Leer in East Frisia. Is it megalomania when an indie pop quartet from Leer christens their debut album "Hamburg"? Is it a tribute to the city or simply the semi-naïve fact that the four guys are now at home here and live together in a shared flat? At least we can state that the band name North West is owed to their origins and the indie pop direction to their influences such as Nothing But Thieves, Catfish And The Bottlemen and Giant Rooks. Still living in East Frisia, they released the EP "Speak It Out" in their early days, which they tend to keep quiet about today, as they have developed quite quickly and thus want to understand "Hamburg" as their first milestone.

Combined with the vocals of Dennis Gall, who also plays the guitar, and the support of his friends Patrick Zersen (bass), Jonas Vehndel (keys) and Sven de Vries (drums), this results in a sound that has various role models, but also a very unique way of embracing the world of young listeners. Of course, the debut cannot be without the title song "Hamburg", which possibly stands for the embrace of a city, which of course is not the end, but rather the beginning of North West and their slightly megalomaniac debut.
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