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Folk and pulsating spirit of the times

HUMMING BEE is an eight-piece folk-pop band originating in Lübeck. Folk and the pulsating zeitgeist of urban life form the band's musical identity. Their debut album "Cheerful Sounds" reflects this from the first to the last note. It grooves, it is spherical, sometimes light, sometimes heavy. Their music is inviting, direct and quick on the ear, full of refinements and sonic surprises - something for the stomach and the head. The band members met at the Musikhochschule Lübeck, where creativity and passion united them and brought them together. Through the musical, a personal friendship has also developed among the members, which can also be felt in every moment on stage since the band was founded at the end of 2014. In the course of producing their first album, the band came together in its final line-up of eight musicians. Their musical interaction results in songs of dynamic dramaturgy - a creative interplay of varied instrumentation and lyricism rich in voice. Although composed with intellect and profundity, their music is straightforward, uncomplicated and honest.

The sound colours of HUMMING BEE are as versatile as the emotions, sometimes shaped by the banjo, sometimes by the brass section, sometimes by the gripping rhythm section. Synthesizer sounds creep in here and there, opening up a new dimension just as much as polyphonic choral movements. All this results in HUMMING BEE's warm and atmospheric folk-pop with its special charisma and energetic aura.
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