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With a little help from the Leoniden

BLUSH ALWAYS is actually Katja Seiffert and comes from Kiel. Her stage name goes back to the fact that she always has striking red cheeks. "Anger is the worst feeling" she sings in her new single "Anger", which was released in advance from the EP "Postpone". At the place name Kiel, the band name "Leoniden" might come to mind for one or the other. And right: there is indeed a connection. Lennart Eicke, guitarist of Leoniden, discovered Blush Always and invited them directly to a collaboration. Even Leoniden singer Jakob Amr is now involved in the co-writing for the "Postpone" EP.

Blush Always drew inspiration from current female-fronted guitar music on the four tracks on "Postpone". Besides "Snail Mail" and "Soccer Mommy", bands from the 90s are also big influences for the young Kiel native. "Drop of Rain" is about feeling out of place, "Anger" is about not being able to deal well with the specific feeling of anger. Blush Always manages to pack their feelings into strong indie rock songs, with catchy pop melodies layered over grungy guitars. Thus, the sometimes loud hooks push the lyrically thematized fears into oblivion and remain as an earworm in the head.
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