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At eye level with Radiohead

FHEELS, as a band from Hamburg's exciting creative cell - the "Hebebühne" in Altona - will in doubt not take long to make their way from intimate club shows to the big stages. Their first studio album "Lotus", released in 2022, was produced by "The Intersphere" singer Christoph Hessler and plays in the sophisticated scene of Alternative Rock International on a par with British top-class bands like "Elbow" or "Radiohead". Regular touring activities in the German music metropolises - and in selected clubs in between - have kept the band with its wheelchair-bound singer and guitarist Felix Brückner continuously in the news for five years. Good conditions for the release of "Lotus", the eagerly awaited debut album of the band Fheels.

Felix Brückner would like people to accept his disability as something natural. "That's what the majority of people with disabilities want: we don't want any exaggerated expressions of respect or pity, but a normal togetherness in which the disability becomes a marginal note," Brückner, who has been in a wheelchair since a snowboarding accident, told the German Press Agency in Hamburg.

Brückner also sees a need to catch up on the subject of accessibility in German clubs and concert halls. On 95 percent of stages, he said, he has to be carried.
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