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Handmade beats

OTTOLIEN are two guys, Jonas and Leonard, who describe themselves like this: Kissing and wrestling - the usual. They grew up in the mixed forest of a provincial East Westphalia. At some point in their Golf 4 (windscreen down - basses up) they plunged unchecked into the urban parallel world. If you think of it as music, it's something like Ottolien. Leonard, singer-songwriter with a penchant for delicate acoustic guitar, and Jonas, rapper, beat tinkerer and all-night sound wizard. In 2018, the two decide that two musical preferences, two singers and two characters are an energetic base to merge. Checked out electronic sounds, hand-clapped beats with a hint of 80s form the forward driving flying carpet. Between concrete-catchy hooks and abstract images, the two also create a hybrid mixture in their German lyrics. Those who follow them will find lyrical insights into the Ottolien soul, but always free space for their own mind games. With their debut EP "Zwei Sekunden Pause" (2021), Ottolien have presented themselves well, are now jetting through the German-language indie orbit and have already received mention in DIFFUS magazine and reverberations in various media. Ottolien are prize winners of the pop[fonds] funding 2021. "Hardly anyone else in town writes songs of such unstrained elegance and sing-along catchiness without any dullness," praised the Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung in December 2021.
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