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NORDEN - the nordic arts festival


Journey to North Atlantic Music

SUNNA MARGRET is a young artist from faraway Iceland who layers her choppy lo-fi sound arrangements with her soothing, elfin vocals. This North Atlantic blend of music takes the listener on a fairytale journey. Inspired by Suzanne Ciani and FKA Twigs, her music lands somewhere between lo-fi experimental and slightly off-kilter pop. 2023 sees the release of her long-awaited EP "Five Songs for Swimming". Back in 2010, she toured the world with an acclaimed electro-pop outfit when she was still a teenager. 2017 marks the beginning of the Icelandic artist's rise as an autonomous songwriter. She now blends her original vocals with psychedelic trip-hop sounds tempered with experimental and emotional lyrics to chart new musical waters. She expands the field of performance with instruments and poems read to strong downtempo rhythms. 2018 sees the release of her single "Amma", featured in the Wire Tapper, and 2019 sees the release of her EP "Art of History", winner of the annual Kraumur Award and twice nominated at the Iceland Music Awards in the electronic music category. Schleswig can look forward to an exciting export from the land of Björk and Svavar Knutur.
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