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Indie rock with a new facet

At a time when the concept of life itself has been turned upside down, suddenly a young man comes from the left, reaches out to us and with his music makes sure that we don't take everything quite so hard. This young man is called Henning von Hertel and is HERR D.K..

With "Was mach ich mit meiner Zeit" (What do I do with my time), the second album by the Hamburg native was released in February, which not only gives indie rock a new facet, but also proves that the genre is far from being finished.

There is a subtle power that resonates in every sentence, in every note of Herr D.K.. A symbiosis of melancholy and hope, packed and laced with his fine sense of humour. Or in other words: Mr. D.K.'s lyrics and melodies are exactly the sound we didn't know we needed until we heard them.

Thematically, Mr. D.K. moves between the big themes: the tribulations of love, living in the now and the desire to soak up every single moment, the irrepressible longing for more and the permanent reflection on one's own being, one's own creation, one's own life. All these fragments come together to form an emotional storm that makes you unsure whether Henning is talking about himself or about you. In every song, every verse, every word, you recognise yourself, you are thrown back into a forgotten time or catapulted forward into the future, which you imagine lost in thought in bed, with your head in the pasta sauce or in the shower. But despite all the melancholy, every single song embraces us, pulls us onto the dance floor and, although it doesn't make us forget everyday life, it does make us laugh it off.
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