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NORDEN - the nordic arts festival


The light is always on in the "Büro d'Amour"

An office complex in Hamburg at night. Lonely lights burn in seven windows, at the very top, left under the moon. Why don't they call it a day, you ask? It's simple: they don't want to. The light is always on in the "Büro d'Amour" because their mission is bigger than the general 9 to 5. Hamburg's longest-running jazz band "We don't suck, we blow!" and the casually versatile singer Wiebke Kruse have joined forces to spread love! In their new stage programme, they dive deep into Manfred Krug's music and add female voices to it - that's where love settles in your heart and dance leg and every minute feels like an unforgettable after-work trip.
After all, the seven anti-starters have realised that bureaucracy is the only true means of spreading love here in the country: Where others heartlessly clear files from A to B, "Büro d'Amour" wallow in feelings. Where others lose themselves in Zoom conferences while the world threatens to sink into chaos, the seven love bureaucrats take action and play so full of joy, heartache, longing and passion that not only Heine's heart bursts into love... We have to go to you, and you have to go to us!
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