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NORDEN - the nordic arts festival


Indie, folk and pop music from Sweden

Established in 2021, bear mountain park was an idea cultivating over years of time and friendship that finally came to light with the compiling of a handful of songs during the year previous in the southernmost part of Sweden. The duo comprises of Fredrik Berlin, a singer-songwriter with a background in music production; and Eddie Berg, the composer, vocalist and violinist in the alternative metalcore band Imminence.
bear mountain park makes music that comes from creating with total freedom and with the key word: feeling. Exploring anything from acoustic-folk inspired moods to electronic soundscapes infused with lyrical themes leaving much to the imagination. The creative process is seen as painting a canvas, whether it be expressionistic, surreal or abstract: as long as it resonates with the soul.

The band released a number of songs during the first two years that were summed up with the redblood EP. Among them the single anodyne that truly showcased their unique style and ability to deliver hard hitting emotional songs while seamlessly blending elements of indie, folk and pop music.
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