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Post-traumatic coming to terms with grief

LARS BYGDEN has his new album "One Last Time for Love" on 28 January. The previous album "Dark Companion" was a musical farewell to his wife, who died of cancer in 2017. For the Swedish singer, the album is a post-traumatic coming to terms with grief.
Lars Bygdén is one of Sweden's most influential singer/songwriters. About his new album he says: "The album picks up where my previous album "Dark Companion" ended - after my wife's funeral. When relatives and friends have finally returned to their normal lives after joining forces around me and the grief of my children. When you sit there alone on the sofa and try to understand what happened."
The dark masterpiece "Dark Companion" from 2018 has been highly praised by the press. Lars Bygdén believes the new album feels warmer and perhaps shinier than the previous one. "The music for the Astrid Lindgren film "The Brothers Lionheart" is a reference I've had for a long time, but it was well suited to be used here, considering what the album is about."
Lars Bygdén almost single-handedly brought alt-country to Sweden with his band The Thousand Dollar Playboys, which formed in 1995, recording two albums and travelling the world. In 2005, he released his first solo album, Trading happiness for songs, which won the Manifest Award for Best Singer/Songwriter Album.
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