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"All alone - at your age?"

It should not remain just a dream
She didn't want to be someone who regretfully says at the end of her life: "I didn't live my dreams." Therefore, in October 2019, at the age of 63, RENA REISCH set out on her long-awaited world trip, solo, self-organised and without any outside support.
"What, you dare to do that?" was the most frequent question she was asked. In her book "Ganz allein - in deinem Alter?" (All alone - at your age?) you can read how to get around the world alone and safely as an older lady, what to look out for and what the components of good travel planning are. The author reports on great highlights that moved her to tears and gives insights into her feelings and observations during her two-month journey. Selected photographs are included to reinforce the desire and courage to travel the world unabashedly at any age.
"It was the fulfilment of my great dream," she says of her journey herself. "Of course, not everything always went as smoothly as I had planned, but I grew with every challenge. I don't want to miss a second of it and I will draw on it all my life."
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