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The woman who put the world together

Copenhagen 1948: Marie's little son Peder is still a baby, the thought of leaving him for many months hurts. But Marie has to leave, she will go on a gruelling expedition to find proof for her thesis that the continents were once connected. Pangaea is her life's purpose, she doesn't let herself be restricted by anything or anyone. She is a researcher, married and has four children. She writes her dissertation at the kitchen table, with the children around her - family life is just as big an adventure as her expeditions. Sometimes the longing for her family becomes excessive, but Marie persistently pursues her goal. She does not explore the most imposing creatures, but tiny moss mites that are supposed to prove the existence of the primeval continent.
The biologist and zoologist Marie Hammer has rewritten the history of our world, yet she is almost forgotten today. A stirring, lively and stubborn novel about uncompromisingness, about a life outside social norms, about a woman who has achieved great things.
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