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Der Fluch des Hechts A tragic love story, a story about the unpredictable power of nature, its magic, and what man does to nature.

"A wicked book!" was the jury's comment on the shortlist of the 2022 International Prize for Literature, on which the triple award-winning debut by Finnish shooting star JUHANI KARILA had made it.
Like every year in June, Elina Ylijaako returns to her home village in eastern Lapland - a wasteland that functions according to its very own rules. There she has three days to catch a pike.
But when a water spirit appears in the swamps and gets in Elina's way, her fishing trip suddenly becomes an adventure to the death. Meanwhile, a policewoman is on her trail on suspicion of murder and is herself drawn into the goings-on of mysterious magical figures. In a brilliant showdown, a curse deeply rooted in Elina's past must finally be broken.

Interpretation & moderation by Tanja Küddelsmann
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