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NORDEN - the nordic arts festival


A fixed component at the NORDEN Festival

Oliver Lück will also be a guest at the NORDEN in 2023. This year, in addition to his work Lück aus 49 - Das große Kolumnen-Lotto, he will also present a Bulli workshop and take you to the Late Night Lotto on Saturday, September 2.

Lück from 49 - the large column Lotto
"Oliver Lück is a storyteller," says the Lübecker Nachrichten. "Laconic and poetic at the same time," writes the Süddeutsche Zeitung. "This is quite fine humor," says his best buddy Pedi Petersen, "I hope for other people, too." And the 49-year-old's readings and travel lectures at the NORDEN Festival have also long become legendary. For this appearance, the book author and journalist has chosen 49 short stories. He has been writing columns for daily newspapers, magazines or Spiegel Online for 20 years. The audience will decide which of them he will read with a homemade lottery machine. Have you ever wanted to win the lottery? Then become part of this unusual and humorous evening ...

Get in, drive off! Bulli-Workshop with Oliver Lück
Since 1996 Oliver Lück has been on the road in Europe in his VW bus. Back then, the term vanlife didn't even exist, but the feeling of traveling in a house on wheels did. Today, the 49-year-old organizes guided bullitours and discovers secret places in Europe more than ever. How he does it and what you should urgently pay attention to when you set off with your own camping bus or camper van, he reveals in this exclusive workshop at the NORDEN Festival. What equipment should you take with you, and what should you leave at home? How do you find wild places to sleep? What should you never do to avoid getting into trouble? For all who love traveling on wheels. For all those who want to set off for the first time in their own bus. For all those who want to learn tips and tricks from an experienced travel expert.
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