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NORDEN - the nordic arts festival


With JANNE MOMMSEN reads from "Island Wedding in the Little Frisian Café". Wedding bells, turbulent encounters and Frisian serenity .

While Julia is preparing Grandma Anita's wedding to Captain Hark in the small Frisian café, a man is walking on the beach on Long Island and learning Fering. Hark's great cousin Henry is to be best man and travel from America.
Shortly before the party, the charismatic lighthouse keeper really mixes up the wedding party. For here, Ruhrpottschnauzen and Frisian serenity meet - it couldn't be more different. Does Henry have the strength to unite the opposites? And is he really who people think he is?
Besides work, the long-distance relationship with Finn-Ole keeps Julia on her toes. The relationship is facing a real test of endurance. In addition, there has long been a plan to convert the small Friesian café into a guesthouse ...
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