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NORDEN - the nordic arts festival


"Groot un stark" and "Ünnern Heven"

MATTHIAS STÜHRWOLDT, born 1968, married, five children, is a farmer and author in Stolpe in the district of Plön.
He runs an 85 ha dairy and fodder farm with about 50 dairy cows, since 2002 according to the guidelines of the Bioland association. He has also been writing stories and poems about rural life since the mid-nineties, partly in High German, partly in Low German, and he is the author and speaker of Low German texts for the legendary NDR radio series "Hör mal`n beten to".
Matthias Stührwoldt is passionate about reading and narrating his texts in front of audiences all over Germany, but especially in the North. The important thing is that he can milk again in the morning; because according to his own admission, he gets the best ideas while milking. In other words: without the inspiring effect of milking, he probably wouldn't have come up with anything for a long time.
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