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Tea in literature - served by Jan Brandt, Sylvie Gühmann and Sebastian Stuertz.

In the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. In East Frisia, people drink tea at least three times a day - more often and more often than anywhere else in Germany. People eat breakfast, cake and supper over tea. People get together and chat over tea. At tea, you are completely with yourself - and with the others at the same time. Every ceremony follows a strict ritual. And when East Frisians leave their homeland, they not only take the tea with them, but also the water - so that the tea tastes like home.
Sylvie Gühmann and Jan Brandt come from Leer in East Frisia. Sebastian Stuertz may have grown up by the Steinhuder Meer, but East Frisian blood also runs in his veins: a distant relative ran a tea business in Rhauderfehn. Jan's mother worked for one of the big tea merchants in the region, and Sylvie devoted the longest chapter in the whole book to the East Frisian world cultural heritage of tea in her "Fettnäpfchenführer Ostfriesland".
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