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NORDEN - the nordic arts festival


A transport company for nature-friendly traffic

These are uncertain times for the butterflies, beetles and all other creepy crawlies that are so important to nature. More and more insects are losing ground. That is why transport company Buzzz is committed to nature-friendly traffic!

The transport company Buzzz has trained five giant insects to help humans with their transport behaviour. With a special Buzzz service and accompanied by two conductors you travel from stop to stop where passengers can get on and off the wonderful flying machines. For a ticket and clear instructions, travelers can contact the skilled chief conductor. A dreamy assistant provides the chef with a pair of extra eyes to keep everything safe. The traveler himself also has an important task. Each passenger must control his or her insect and stay in line with the other flying machines. Otherwise, the critters get restless and can become dangerous. When the chief conductor gives the signal, the journey can begin. You have to push hard though!

Buzzz is a production by the Dutch company DaaD. A theatrical interactive experience for the little ones and a visual parade for the grown-ups among us.

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