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NORDEN - the nordic arts festival


International Ocean Film Festival Kiel

CINEMARE is Northern Europe's only multi-day marine film festival. Visitors immerse themselves in the blue heart of our planet via the cinema screen. Those who experience the sea through their senses will love it - and only those who love it will also commit themselves to its protection.

At the NORDEN Festival, selected films from the CINEMARE Ocean Film Festival will be shown.

Welcome to the world of PLSTC, an undersea dystopia that submerges you in the disturbing reality of plastic pollution in our oceans. Through a series of graphically confronting AI-generated and hand-composed images of ocean creatures, this experimental animated film confronts you with the devastating consequences of our habits on marine life, and leaves you gasping for breath.

BOTTLE CAP Language: English
Stanley Kubrick's iconic opening scene from 2001 - A Space Odyssey - The Bone as a departure into the modern age - Only with crabs. Also good.

The possibility of (re)constructing human history has long owed itself not only to archives, but rather to waste. But what if contemporary concepts of a consistent circular economy no longer include waste? Then the past of the present will no longer be traceable in the future. So the garbage will have to look for alternative places of retreat in order to survive.

We may have to explain to our children not only what pencils have to do with cassettes, but also what icebergs were. ILS uses the remaining time and licks them.

Short Film Award Winner: NUISANCE BEAR
Jack Weisman and Gabriela Osio Vanden's documentary follows polar bears as they clash with a crowd of tourists, game wardens and the residents of a small Canadian town.
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