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NORDEN - the nordic arts festival


Showcase of the diverse film scene in Schleswig-Holstein

The Filmfest Schleswig-Holstein shows films and audio-visual works from the state and about the state - as a showcase for the diverse film scene in Schleswig-Holstein.
The festival has existed since 1993 and is organized by Filmkultur Schleswig-Holstein e.V. together with the Kommunales Kino in der Pumpe. Four short films from last year's program will be shown at the NORDEN Festival.

Long Time No Techno
The footage comes from the archive of the Odesa Film Studio. During the time of the Soviet Union, numerous films were shot here, which shaped the childhood of millions of people. Today the film studio and many cultural monuments all over Ukraine are threatened with destruction by the Russian army.
The music video shows dance moments from children's films of the 70s and 80s of the 20th century. They are illusions of a carefree time, time of adventures, fantasy journeys and freedom.

Quake Germany 2022
During water therapy against his chronic cramps, Leon experiences an incident that gradually shakes all areas of his life.

The stuff of legends
Rocko Schamoni plays a rock star aging in the isolation of his castle, whose everyday life takes place somewhere between daily toast and Ludwig II. Posters and prizes remind us of his greatest, possibly only successes, which he celebrated in the 80s of the last century. Otherwise, there is now emptiness in his house and life.

Phantom Flight
Filmic essay about memories of war and their omnipresence, which never seems to abate. Based on personal and autobiographical reflections, the film traces the traces that war experiences leave behind. Through the presence of ever new violent conflicts, they have a permanent effect on one's own emotional world and family relationships.
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