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NORDEN - the nordic arts festival


One of the most traditional film festivals in the world.

The Nordic Film Days Lübeck, first organized by the Lübeck Film Club in 1956 and taken over by the city in 1971, are among the most traditional film festivals in the world. They are the only festival in Germany and in Europe that specializes entirely in presenting films from the north and northeast of the continent.
Every year, for five days at the beginning of November, the latest feature films, documentaries and short films from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden are presented here.

Le Saboteur/The Saboteur
He has actually retired as a sculptor, but he tackles the new mission with full commitment. Courageously, the Saboteur jumps out of the plane with a parachute. Helplessly he dangles from the forks of a tractor. In split-screen mode and in a four-four cycle of ever new, resourceful solutions and surprising ideas, the interior of the fiction and its making-of unfold at the same time.

Father and son picking cherries together. Even though the younger man's receding hairline is already well advanced, his old man still believes he has to explain everything to him. The son grumpily lets the sunny afternoon pass him by. A study of roles and perspectives that one cannot escape, and the divine chance to break free from them.

Prampack - the practical travel bag for all common strollers. But how does the damn thing close? While the gentlemen palaver about the bargain on the economy upgrade and unhelpfully mansplain, we witness pragmatic, female with-baby-on-the-arm solidarity. Or are the toddlers rather the ones standing by?
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