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NORDEN - the nordic arts festival


The only grenades the world still needs.

DIE DEICHGRANATEN - that's Annie Heger and Insina Lüschen, two cousins from East Frisia who accidentally ended up in a feature film in 2017, in which they spontaneously stepped in as a traditional singing duo in a village festival scene; there was neither a plan nor a name. "Die Deichgranaten" was improvised and after the premiere they actually got requests for village festivals, which they kindly declined. Instead, a short time later, they began to prove on the Internet that you can really talk about ANYTHING in Platt. Since then, there are ukulele tutorials on YouTube, they explain how to set up Ikea chests of drawers, how to tie a knot in spaghetti using only your tongue - and now they've started accepting requests to perform. So now they exist for real: the only grenades the world still needs.  Between bumsfallera and message, party and politics. Between Indie-Schlager and Low German protest song, gentle and pleasantly unpleasant. Two privileged do-gooders sing songs that are supposed to improve the world and celebrate the values and messages of their own bubble. For the Deichgranaten make entertainment in Frisian mink, with Elbsegler and with this particular heart language as a pound in the luggage. The naturalness with which Plattdeutsch can be heard from them creates an additional closeness. Because you simply understand this old, warm language - from heart to heart.
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